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Links We Luv: Austin in the News

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Growing up, every year my family would go on a vacation. My family of five would pile into our Ford Conversion Van and my Dad would drive for hours at a time. We went to Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and we’ve visited states everywhere in between. Oftentimes, Our Texas license plate would cause people to ask where we were from. The answer Austin, TX would normally provoke a dazed look and the reply “Where?”. This almost always lead to a conversation about how you could find Austin in relation to Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

Oh how the times have changed. Nowadays, when I tell people I’m from Austin, it usually results in a response along the lines of “Oh, I just love Austin!”. I can’t remember a more exciting time to live in Austin especially for a food lover.

This edition of Links We Luv, reinforces that sentiment. I’ve shared a couple of great articles about the Austin food scene and the announcements of a couple of interesting store openings. Enjoy! Read More

Restaurants We Luv: La Condesa – Austin, TX

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Up until a couple of weeks ago, La Condesa had been on my “Places to Eat list” for much too long. It took a visit from Anthony Bourdain to finally bump it up to the top of my list.

I loved the atmosphere of La Condesa. The big floor to ceiling windows brought in a lot of natural light. Mixed with the vibrant colors and decorations, the restaurant gave a great first impression.

We started off with the Guacamole Tasting for the table. I thought all the options were good, but my favorite by far was the Chipotle puree and toasted almond guacamole. It had a nice smokey flavor and the chipotle brought a subtle heat without being overly spicy. I also liked the crunch the toasted almond brought.  Read More