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Each weekend it’s normally a tradition for my husband to grill a bunch of yummy meats for us to have easy access to make meals with the leftovers during the week. This has been working out quite well especially when I make a whole box of pasta early in the week as well. With the leftover meat and pasta, I always turn to this recipe to make a leftover a new star ingredient for a mid-week meal. Today I used leftover cut up grilled pork chops, but this can be substituted for whatever leftover meat you have on hand, chicken, steak, turkey, shrimp; the possibilities are endless! Here’s what ingredients I used:

Leftover pasta, leftover pork chops, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, one red pepper, one white onion, garlic pepper, and minced garlic.

The best part about this recipe is that I never measure anything but somehow it always turns out yummy! I start off with a large skillet and drizzle the oil on the bottom of the pan and heat it up on medium heat. Once the oil is heated, I add the onion, pepper, and minced garlic. I season them with the salt and pepper to my liking and saute until no longer crisp.

I then add the balsamic vinegar to the pan (eye ball how much you like, I LOVE the stuff so I dump a lot in, but sometimes it can be a taste disliked by some, so you might want to go lighter on it) and I lower the heat to medium, medium low constantly stirring the veggies and incorporating them into the vinegar. The vinegar should thicken a little at which point I dump in my leftover meat (pork chops for this one).

I mix that in and stir for a bit to heat up the meat and then I dump in my leftover pasta.

I mix that all together until the pasta is heated through, and then I serve it topped with either fresh cut up herbs (like basil or parsley) or in today’s case I didn’t have any of those so I opted for some fresh cut up cherry tomatoes.

This easy, quick leftover masterpiece is sure to be a hit! Even my new neighbor wanted to have some!


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